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The house system plays a significant role in co-ordinating various activities in the corporate life and leads to the building up of espirit de corps and camaraderie of a lasting nature among students.
On joining school, each student becomes a member of one of the four houses, Matthew, Mark, Luke and Jhon, whose colours are Green, Blue, Gold and Red respectively. The pupil remains in that house throughout his/ her schooling at St. John's.
Each member is expected to contribute to its well being by encouraging and attending inter-house functions (e.g. sports, debates, competitions etc)
Each House is led by a member of staff (Head of House) who appoints and Assistant. Staffs work in partnership with the House Captain and Vice Captain. This team provides leadership and is responsible for achieving cohesion within the House.
The Senior Head of House (teacher) is responsible for co-ordinating all House activities.

House System - John House, Luke House, Mark House, Matthew House  


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